I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Washington double major in Communication and Visual Art, minor in Informatics. I focus on utilizing my graphic and research skills to design accessible products and visual graphics.  
I enjoy public speaking since I was young, and now I'm a radio host and program coordinator in Seattle. As a radio host, I gained a lot of experience conducting research, communicating with hosts in our program interview. 
Also, I'm really interested in East Asian Culture, and many of my artworks are inspired by Asian ceremonial traditions. Through research, I want to introduce the beauty of history to more people through visual illustrations and design. 
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2018 - 2019 

Design For America

UI / UX Designer 

  • Conduct and participate in research, ideate, prototype and evaluate the product.

  • Design Smart Mirror prototype for the Deaf Community to improve their communication at home.

  • Presented our project through videos and digital prototype at Artefact, a strategy and design firm in Seattle.

  • Won the Shure Storytelling Competition for Best Story Submission.

2018 - 2019 

Technology and Business Association

Public Relations Director 

  • Coordinator of events like Peer Advising, Research Workshop and Lab Tour with over 100 attendants for each.

  • Develop communication strategies to lead PR team reach out event sponsors, and Invited over 40 professionals from technology and business industries to our signature event Biz Tech Forum.  

  • Distribute event information to the public by conducting media campaigns and maintaining program-related web sites on Instagram, Facebook, and emails. 

2018 - now 

Chinese Institute of Engineers
Chinese Institute of Engineers

2019 - now 


Marketing Specialist 

  • Gain more marketing consulting skills through redesigning the visual elements and content of the website.

  • Practice my Premiere Pro skill through editing the interviews with professionals of wine industry.

Social Media Marketing Team Lead 

  • Lead strategist on a team of five, and gain marketing insights on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Wechat for events with hundreds of attendants. 

  • Practice my proficiency in communication and public speaking skills through Interviewing elites from AI industry: Dr. Deng Li, Dr. Deny Zhou, Dr. Jianfeng Gao from Microsoft, Google, and Dr. Shankar Vaidyanathan, CEO of Noonum.

  • Develop content strategies and design posters for event promotion.

2018 - now 

Chinese Radio Seattle

Program Coordinator and Radio Host 

  • Practice my planning and coordination skills from the "Best Food in Seattle" radio program by reaching out to hosts and writing scripts.

  • Gain more public speaking and communication experience through hosting "Campus Life" and "Best Food in Seattle" with 10 thousand hits.