Gender Biased Issue in Technology - Creative zine in illustrating and presenting the gender issue of the artificial virtual assistant 

my role: sole designer 

timeline: 2 weeks  

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"Based on what I learned of Gender Biased Issue in class, I decided to focus on one particular area to better address the issue through the zine. In fact, as more and more people are using AI virtual assistants, there are many potential problems may arise. I think, zine can help me better visualize the issue and better acknowledge more people. "
I based my research on different questions: 
  • ​What's the definition of AI Virtual Assistant? What are some applications?  
  • What's the significance of Artificial Intelligence and AI  Virtual Assistant in our society? 
  • What's the historical perspective of women in technology?
  • How does women's role in technology industry relate to the gender issues of AI Virtual Assistant? 
  • How does the bias impact our society now and in the future? 
What I found 
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Nowadays, there are almost 50% of the Americans using AI Virtual Assistant. 
“Q” is a genderless voice assistant released in March to prove that digital assistants could transcend the entrenched binary gendered world of existing AI technology. 
the worth of Ai industry 
market value in 2025


Historically, women in tech industry were less valued. Although over the years, women role has improved, the gender gap still exists. 
The name and the voice of AI virtual assistant are highly sexualized and feminized.  




and Less 


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The algorithms that build AI, and the percentage of women in tech jobs are causes of the gender-biased issue. 

Problem Space


Research Questions


Visual Models 


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Final Zine


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In this project, I want to utilize my artistic skills to visualize issues that I noticed in the technology industry. The form of zine gave me freedom in organizing the content and designing creative layout and elements. I think  visual graphic can attract people's attention, and communicate information more effectively.