Marketing Solution - improving disabilities' living space through residential assistive technology. 

my role: marketing consultant  

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Company Background


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Chang-E is an agent platform that sells specialty wineries internationally. Their website provides information on a variety of wine and aims to help users better understand their services. I proposed re-design solutions based on visual elements and content. 

Based on the Company logo, I researched some color palettes that would match the concept of the company. and utilize the variety and consistency of the colors to give the costumers better experience when browsing the web. 


In order to make the typography consistent on the web, I decided to use "Minion" font that can be adjusted in terms of weights and height, and match the existing typography on the logo. 





To communicate the product quality and company professionalism, I proposed to use high resolution vineyard photos with a lot of negative space as the background of company home page. 

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L'Ecole_20110912_543 (1).jpg
landing page.png

I prototyped the design of the landing page. With an opening page that gives a brief introduction of the company mission, and two options of languages for international costumers. When the viewers scroll down, they will be able to watch a video that better visualize the services that the company provides. 



Potential Design


Other Potential Solutions


Because the website is not an online trading platform, instead, the company wants to give more information for the costumers of the various wineries they have, and acknowledge potential costumers of how to select wines, and taste wine. In order to achieve this goal, I proposed several other solutions

Blog posts: This includes news of the company, and also the wine industry. Also, tutorial videos that teach the users to make Mulled Wine. 

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Interviews: Interviews of people in the wine industry will help people understand how wines are different from each other. Then,  I edited a video interview of Aaron Wood-Snyderman, the wine director of the Metropolitan Grill, and he introduced one of the most popular wines "L'Ecole" to the viewers. (Please click on the image to watch the video)

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For this marketing consulting project, I learned to use my graphic design and video editing skills to help the company improve based on their existing solutions. Also, I learned the importance of communication between the customer and the designer. Exchanging ideas help me better understand the users' need, and explore more potential ways that can make their service more marketable.